Tragic Events in Palestine are Receiving Less Coverage from Western Media and Some are Asking Why

Posted: May 23, 2022

Palestinian Journalist killed by Israeli forces

Al-Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Akleh was killed during an Israel raid in Jenin

While most western media outlets have remained focused on the war in Ukraine, they have largely ignored tragic events taking place in Palestine. Israeli forces have killed both a 17-year-old boy and a prominent Palestine journalist in recent days. These incidents have caused massive demonstrations and protest in the occupied West Bank.

On May 11, Shireen Abu Akleh, a Palestinian-American and a veteran reporter for the Qatari-based Al Jazeera TV network, was shot dead in Jenin during an Israeli raid. The Palestinians have accused Israel of assassinating Abu Akleh and have called for an international response.

According to witnesses and colleagues, Abu Akleh, 51, was killed by an Israeli soldier lon May 11 while covering an Israeli military raid in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin. Israel has denied targeting her, saying she possibly was shot accidentally as they exchanged fire.

The Israeli military is not planning to investigate the killing, according to Israeli media. They believe an investigation that treats Israeli soldiers as suspects will lead to opposition within Israeli society, the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz reported on Thursday.

On May 21, Israeli forces also shot and killed a 17-year-old Palestinian boy in Jenin. The Israeli military said Palestinians fired on its soldiers and threw firebombs at them. "The soldiers responded with live fire toward the suspects. It was not determined whether the teen killed was one of those suspects. The Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed his death.

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh condemned the killings. "We warn against the consequences of the occupation's continued crimes against our people. We urge the international community to condemn them and hold the perpetrators accountable," Shtayyeh said in a statement.

These killings have brought western media outlets under the spotlight. Some accuse them of dropping their objectivity, impartiality, and accuracy when covering stories related to Palestine and Palestinian lives and deaths. In addition, they point out the stark difference between terminologies when making Ukraine and Palestine references. For example, Ukrainians are often referred to as freedom fighters, whereas Palestinians are called militants or terrorists. This distinction occurs despite the fact both sovereign nations are under occupation.

At least 46 Palestinians, around a quarter of them in Jenin, have been killed by Israeli forces or armed civilians since the beginning of the year.


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