Muslim News Magazine - MNM

Muslim News Magazine (MNM) is a multi-media news organization serving America's mainstream Islamic community. Our web-based platform offers news, movies, documentaries and television series designed for, and about today's Muslim American.

From live event coverage to award-winning documentaries, MNM gives audiences an unprecedented look at the fantastic culture and diversity of Muslims in the United States.

In 2024,  MNM launched its new streaming platform offering entertainment and news content 24 hours a day. Viewers can watch films, television shows, documentaries, live events, and exclusive MNM original series streaming free and pay-per-view on demand. 

"Our goal is to become America's premier Islamic media platform," stated Lon Muqaddin, President, Baitcal Media Group. "The media landscape has changed and MNM has major plans for the upcoming year. We aim to deliver a Muslim American voice to the world of news, television, and entertainment, like never before." 

The company is a subsidiary of Baitcal Media Group LLC, which has made a substantial investment in MNM this year.  

“We think it's time for MNM to step into the forefront of news and entertainment,"  Lance Grandison, Chief Financial Officer for BAIT-CAL affirmed.

"The MNM brand is strong and our goal is to provide it with the technological tools to compete in the mainstream industry. We can become a major force in presenting the true details of Muslim American lifestyle, culture, and history to viewing audiences.”

Muslim News Magazine began in 1991. Over the years, MNM has provided content to major broadcasters such as CNN, C-SPAN, PBS, and others. The company has produced several critically-acclaimed documentaries including "The Legend of Timbuktu," "From Africa to the White House," and this year will release its highly anticipated new feature, "Changing a Nation: The Legacy of Imam W. Deen Mohammed." 

“Our content also offers a broad appeal to mainstream viewers, without straying from our core values,' added Muqaddin. "We are forming partnerships with a broad spectrum of content creators to help deliver an unprecedented entertainment experience for our viewers."

MNM - Muslim News Magazine