International Museum of Muslim Cultures opens "Journey to Understanding: Palestine & Israel Unveiled" Exhibit

On Friday, March 1, IMMC will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony to unveil a new photography exhibit by world-renowned Palestinian artist Basel Almisshal.

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Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Tells People in Detroit to Vote "Uncommitted" in Michigan Primary

U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib has released a video telling people to vote “uncommitted” in Michigan’s Feb. 27 Democratic primary and sent a solid reminder to President Biden.

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Muslims in America Prepare for Ramadan 2024 Amidst a Landscape of Unity and Diversity

As the Muslim community in America eagerly anticipates the arrival of Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, they do so against a backdrop of unity, diversity, and resilience.

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Changing a Nation - The Legacy of Imam W. Deen Mohammed - New Film

In the annals of American history, few figures stand as tall and as influential as Imam W. Deen Mohammed. MNM Studios has released a new documentary that about this remarkable leader.

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Assessing the Potential Re-Election of Donald Trump: Muslim Vote 2024

The prospect of Donald Trump potentially reclaiming the presidency raises significant questions about the future direction of American politics and its implications for Muslims.

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Muslim American Vote in 2024: Potential Impact on Joe Biden's Re-Election Bid

The American Muslim vote is emerging as a significant factor in the upcoming 2024 Presidential election, potentially influencing the fate of Joe Biden's re-election campaign.

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Building Bridges of Faith: Muslims Establishing Mosques Across America

Muslims in America are contributing to the rich tapestry of religious diversity by actively engaging in the construction of mosques throughout the country.

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American Muslims Respond to the Ongoing Conflict in Palestine

The conflict in Palestine has always been a deeply sensitive and emotionally charged issue for Muslims around the world, and American Muslims are no exception.

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Los Angeles Police Department Swears in First Official Muslim Chaplain in 150-Year History

For the first time in its storied 150-year history, the Los Angeles Police Department has officially commissioned their first Muslim chaplain.

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Latinos are Converting to Islam more than any other demographic in America

Over the past decade, the rise of Latinos in converting to Islam has become a distinct phenomenon in America.

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Mike Tyson shares experiences in new interview: "Being Muslim makes me a ..."

Considered to be one of the greatest heavyweight boxing champions of all time, Mike Tyson reflects on his life, wealth, prison, and Islam

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Book Review: Our Family’s Evolution From Nationalism to Al-Islam

Beginning from the end of Slavery, Author A.K. Hasan delivers a compelling family account of how early Black Nationalism created a path to universal Islam.

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