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Muslim News Magazine Will
Expand Reach in 2018 

BAIT-CAL Media Group has annouced plans to expand the programming and reach of it's multi-media web platform, Muslim News Magazine (MNM) in 2018. Launched in 2013, MNM is an Islamic news organization that provides positive images of Muslim-American culture through news, movies, documentaries, short films, music, comedy, visual/performing arts and accurate information about the Islamic faith. 

“We want to deliver a Muslim American voice to the world of news, television, and entertainment, like never before,” stated Lon Muqaddin, V.P. of Operations for Muslim News Magazine. “Our content in 2018 will have broader appeal to mainstream viewers, without straying from our core values."

Muslim News Magazine began as a Islamic news organization in 1991. Over the years, MNM has provided Islamic media content to major broadcasters such as CNN, C-SPAN, PBS, Bridges TV and others. The company has produced several award-winning documentaries including "City of Muslims", "Raising Islam in America" and our critically acclaimed film, "8 Centuries of Muslims in America".

From hard-hitting jounalism to award-winning documentaries, MNM gives English-speaking audiences an unprecedented look at the amazing diversity of Muslims in the United States.

In 2018, MNM will become an OTT provider of on- demand movies and television shows, offering live and on demand video streams, including live events, award-winning films, documentaries and original series.

"Our goal is to become America's premier Islamic media platform," added Muqaddin. "The media will play a very large role in defining Muslims over the next decade and MNM will be part of that process. " 

BAIT-CAL will also provide opportunities for Muslim producers and filmmakers to take advantage of the MNM platform to promote their works. The network is now accepting submissions for television specials, reality shows, movies and film shorts that depict America's diverse Muslim culture.

“All too often we find Islam being defined by others in the media," stated AK Hasan, executive producer for Muslim News Magazine. “Broadcast technology is changing fast and Muslim-Americans must strive to be at the forefront. We believe MNM can become a major media force in America and serve as a catalyst for social change by presenting the true image of Muslim American lifestyle, culture and history to a global viewing audience.”

For additional information about programs, submissions, advertising and partnering opportunities contact us.