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Muslim News Magazine is a powerful media platform that provides positive images of Muslim-American culture through Television, News and Films. 

Muslim American Vote

Muslims in American Politics 

Playing Major Role as Voters and Candidates  

(LOS ANGELES, CA, 8/26/18) —  The recent historical string of political victories by Muslim-American candidates has sent a loud message across the nation.

Trump defunds UNRWA

Trump Administration Defunds UNRWA 

Move will damage Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiations 

(LOS ANGELES, CA, 9/5/18) - The Trump Administration has cut all funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA). 

Muslim Convention

29th Annual Muslim Convention a 'Success'

Puts Focus on 'Model Muslim Communities'

(CHICAGO, IL, 9/6/18) — The Mosque Cares- Ministry of Imam W. Deen Mohammed hosted the 29th Annual Muslim Convention in Newark, NJ over this past Labor Day Weekend.


 Human Rights Violations' against Muslims

China Places One-Million Muslims in Re-education Camps

(LOS ANGELES, CA, 9/2/18) — One of America's largest Muslim activist groups is sounding an alert about China, where as many as one million Muslims are being held in camps.”

World Broadcast


THe World Broadcast of Imam W. Deen Mohammed
From the media vaults of Muslim News Magazine, comes the most comprehensive series of addresses by Imam W. Deen Mohammed ever released. Experience the insight and teachings of this legendary Mulim leader like never before.