Trans Atlantic Slave Trade artifact

New proposal calls for memorial to honor victims of Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade 

Tributes to victims of the transatlantic slave trade can be found in museums and through statues, but a new proposal is calling for a special memorial.

Keith Ellison

Keith Ellison continues to champion tenant housing rights  during pandemic

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has filed another lawsuit against a landlord for illegally forcing tenants to vacate during the COVID-19 peacetime emergency.

Chauvin trial barricade

Fortress Minneapolis: City ‘violence baits’ community ahead of Chauvin trial

Following the recent killings of George Floyd and others, by law enforcement officers, CAIR has issued a strong statement of support to African-Americans.

Masjid Bilal Islamic Center in Los Angeles

Construction at Masjid Bilal Islamic Center despite pandemic crisis

Masjid Bilal Islamic Center is moving towards completion of a new Masjid and community center in the historic Central Ave District near downtown Los Angeles

Muhammad Ali - 1966

What would Muhammad Ali say about 'Black Lives Matter' - His Children disagree

Four years have passed since the death of Muhammad Ali. Yet the legendary boxer and activist still looms large when it comes to racial injustice and social protest.

Abdul Karim Hasan book booth

Book Review: Our Family’s Evolution From Nationalism to Al-Islam

Beginning from the end of Slavery, Author A.K. Hasan delivers a compelling family account of how early Black Nationalism created a path to universal Islam.

Two leading Muslim American organizations on Thursday slammed Secretary of State Antony Blinken for voicing opposition to the International Criminal Court decision to open an investigation into alleged crimes in the Palestinian territories

Muslim American activist groups slam Anthony Blinken for remarks

Two leading Muslim American organizations slammed Secretary of State Anthony Blinken for voicing opposition al Criminal Court decision regarding Palestine


Saudi Arabia says COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for Hajj 2021

Saudi health ministry said having a coronavirus vaccine is a must in order to participate in this year’s Hajj. 


Islamic Scholar Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi Discusses Prophet Muhammad

Dr. Akbar Muhammad - Afro-Centrism in Al-Islam 

Dr. Sulayman Nyang - Where are the Hadith from Bilal?

Masjid Bilal Islamic Center Construction Update 

From Africa to the White House - Official Trailer

The Legend of Timbuktu - Documentary Teaser

MNM Special Report: Islah Academy

MNM Special Report - Building Houses of Worship in America


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