Imam W. Deen Mohammed:
Classic Collection Lecture Series

3-Disc DVD Set /  Lecture Series

Experience one of the greatest religious minds the world has ever seen on this powerful 3-disc set featuring Muslim American Leader, Imam W. Deen Mohammed. Enjoy three historic public addresses delivered by Imam Mohammed in Los Angeles, California, which discuss the foundations for Muslim life in America.

These electrifying addresses have each been digitally re-mastered for high-quality picture and sound. Imam W. Deen Mohammed’s “Classic Collection” is the most powerful Islamic video lecture series ever produced.

Disc 1 - The Future of Islam in America

Recorded November 17, 1996 - Running Time: 92 Minutes

Disc 2 - Our Islamic Obligation to Society 

Recorded November 16, 1997 - Running Time: 85 Minutes

Disc 3 - Representing Islam in America

Recorded September 6, 1998 - Running Time: 80 Minutes