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Muslim Group Launches Controversial Billboard Campaign to Promote Dialogue



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Why Islam Billboard


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(ATLANTA, GA, Dec. 12, 2014) – The Atlanta chapter of a prominent national Muslim group has re-launched a controversial billboard campaign that drew anger from conservatives last year.

In a statement released today, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) announced the placement of "Why Islam" billboards at multiple locations in Georgia. The group says the campaign is designed to encourage dialogue and mutual understanding.

"Racism and religious bigotry are not issues of the past in America. They are widespread and shockingly prevalent, running counter to the founding principles of this country. In addition to targeting other racial and religious minorities, hateful rhetoric and action affect Muslims adversely as well," said ICNA in their statement.

In a recent protest in Kennesaw, Georgia, some of the residents rallied against the establishment of an Islamic center, calling Islam an evil religion and accusing Muslims of terrorism. This abusive language affected the local Muslim community unfavorably. The city council initially turned down their request to establish a mosque, but is reviewing the decision on technical grounds.

"It is necessary to pro-actively address such bigotry and ignorance by speaking out and educating fellow Americans," said the group's statement.

The billboards which say, "Find Jesus in the Quran" is a positive step, according to ICNA. They encourage people to call or visit their website to get factual information about the religion.

Two of these billboards are already in place. One has just been erected at the I-75 North, near Exit 265. The second billboard, which has been in place since last week, can be seen at the I-75 North near Exit 164, in Macon.

ICNA hopes the campaign will facilitate healthy dialogue between inter-faith communities and provide access to the proper message of Islam.




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